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  • Shock absorbing foam for artificial turf

    Shock absorbing foam for artificial turf

    Artificial turf with good shock absorbing foam is emerged based on the market demand. It’s neat, reusable, in favor of environmental protection, easy laying with short installation period and other advantages¬†as below.

  • Shock pad for artificial grass

    Shock pad for artificial grass

    Artificial turf structures with shock pad provide benefits compared to natural grass fields in terms of cost, usability, flexibility, and environmental performance Artificial grass shock pad is a chemically cross-linked polyolefin foam product particularly designed as a shock underlay in artificial turf systems. By the usage of selected thickness and density of the chemically crosslinking foam, the shock pads will supply the proper shock absorption, ball bounce, and resilience and protect from falling injury for any kind of sports activities field such as playground for children, golf, hockey, basement, rugby, football for athletes.