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Shock absorbing foam for artificial turf

Shock absorbing foam for artificial turf

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Artificial turf with good shock absorbing foam is emerged based on the market demand. It’s neat, reusable, in favor of environmental protection, easy laying with short installation period and other advantages as below.

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● Easy installation, because of light weight and easy handling. Only one day needed to finish the laying of a standard-sized field

● Waterproof, because of closed cell foam structure its installation/ laying will not be affected by the weather

● Excellent shock absorption and ball rebound, keeps sports performance, Increased safety and softness.

● Resistant to mold rot bacteria and mildew, it has long usage life.

● The unique design offers excellent drainage property, avoids thermal expansion cold shrinkage, keeps the dimension stable

● Size can be customized which reduces waste and labor cost to utmost

Good shock absorbing foamChemical Cross-linked polyethylene Foamis the perfect material as shock absorbing pad for artificial turf which can help to prevent and reduce injuries and traumas. It is low moisture permeability and high buoyancy combined with a smooth, delicate feel and superior physical and chemical properties.

Shock pad for artificial turf


Density 33/40/50/70kg/m3
Roll size Customized
Thickness 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Foam Color black, gray, blue, green or others
Delivery Time 15~20 days
Certification SGS, IS09001IS014000


Artificial Grass with shock absorbing foam is ideal for all kinds outdoor lawn and landscape applications, such as commercial and residential courtyard, private club/ Leisure venues, factories and mines, resorts, Nursery, school Tennis/ Football Field.

Meishuo is the source factory that produce shock pad, we are able to manufacturer normal green artificial grass shock pad for customers, the products can be in rolls and with or without pre-punched. If you have any details unclear, our sales person are ready to help you via e-mail: info@msfoam.com.

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