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Standards for Flammability of automotive interior materials- FMVSS 302 VS GB 8410


GB 8410: Flammability of automotive interior materials

1) Scope

GB 8410 is a kind of Chinese standard specifies the technical requirements and test methods for the horizontal flammability of automotive interior materials. It applies to the assessment of automotive interior materials.

As automotive interior parts (positions, layout and application conditions of the parts, ignition sources, etc.) differ considerably from the test conditions specified in this GB 8410, this Standard does not apply to the assessment of all the actual flammability of automotive interior materials.

2) Test Condition

condition Requirement
Pre-Processing Temperature (23±2)℃
RH (50±5)%
Duration 24h~168h

3) Test Requirement

The flammability of interior materials must meet the following technical requirement:

The burning rate is ≤ 100 mm/min.

15 seconds later, determine whether the flame on the sample goes out or at what time it goes out, the burnt distance of the sample, and the time used in burning this distance.


FMVSS 302Flammability of materials used in the occupant compartments of motor vehicles

1) Scope

FMVSS 302 is a kind of American standard, which specifies burn resistance requirements for materials used in the occupant compartment of motor vehicle.

FMVSS 302 applies to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles,trucks,and buses.

The purpose of this standard is to reduce the deaths and injuries to motor vehicle occupants caused by vehicle fires,especially those originating in the interior of the vehicle from sources such as matches or cigarette.

The test is conducted in a metal cabinet for protecting the test specimens from drafts. The interior of the cabinet is 381mm long,203mm deep,and 356mm high. It has a glass observation window in the front,a closable opening to permit insertion of specimen holder,and a hole to accommodate tubing for a gas burner.

2) Test Condition

Condition Requirement
 Pre-Processing Temperature    70°F(21℃)
RH    50 %
Duration    24 h

3) Test requirement


1.Materials shall not burn, nor transmit a flam front across its surface,at a rate of more than 102mm/min

2.If a material stops burning before it has burned for 60 seconds from the start of timing,and has not burned more than 51mm from the point where timing was started, it shall be considered to meet the burn-rate requirement of the standard.

4) Sample Required


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Post time: Nov-02-2021