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About ESD IXPE foam


What is ESD foam’s full name?

ESD means Electro-Static Discharge, so ESD foam refers to a kind of foam have the effect of electrostatic protection. Such as Meishuo ESD anti-static IXPE foam, and Meishuo ESD conductive IXPE foam.

What’s the purpose of electrostatic protection?

Because of the mechanical effect of electrostatic, there will be an electrostatic field or a charged body after the floating dust in air absorb on the part of the product. So, it may damage the components of electronics.

With the protection of the ESD foam, it has advantage of improving product quality, reduce and prevent ESD damage to your electronic good.

What factor to judge ESD foam?

Surface resistance and volume resistance.

Foam type Surface resistance and volume resistance
Conductive ESD IXPE foam 103-106 Ω
Anti-static ESD IXPE foam 106-109 Ω

ESD IXPE foam makes use of polyethylene (PE) plus carbon black as its major raw material, with plenty of good additives, and by a series of process including mixing, granulation, extrusion, irradiation, heating and foaming, to reach the finished ESD IXPE foam products. ESD foam has an important factor to measure its property, i.e. surface resistance and volume resistance. ESD IXPE foam can have 103~109 Ω of surface and volume resistance.

ESD IXPE foam has excellent conductivity and permanent ability to eliminate static electricity, it is eco-friendly and without any corrosion, moisture-proof due to the closed cell structure, thermal insulation and anti-shock properties. In favor of these all advantages, ESD IXPE foam solves many problems happening in packaging usage, such as add cushion and protection for electronic sensitive products.

ESD IXPE foam offer customers a regulated, dissipated electro-static charges generated from other adjacent materials and staff during the product’s handling, assembly and shipping. In providing long-term reliability of anti-static output and physical product safety, our anti-static function outperforms competing products.

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Post time: Oct-20-2021