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Polyolefin Foam – IXPP FOAM MSP20

Polyolefin Foam – IXPP FOAM MSP20

Short Description:

Polypropylene resin base
Halogen-free, non-toxic gas
Resistance to high temperature up to 120℃
Closed cell
Cross linked
Independent cell structure
Resistance to chemicals such as acids, alkalis, organic solvents
Smooth surface
Excellent mechanical properties

Product Detail

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IXPP foam is a type of polyolefin foam, which is also called polypropylene foam. It is cross linked by electron beam radiation.

What is IXPP foam?

“I” refers to irradiated
“X” refers to cross linking
“PP” refers to polypropylene resin
So IXPP foam means irradiated cross linked polypropylene foam

Product description

PP foam sheet is a kind of thermoplastic resin with high crystallinity and non-polarity. The appearance of the original PP is milky white, and the thin section is translucent to a certain extent.

It has excellent resistance to most domestic and industrial chemicals. The polymer is non-hygroscopic and has good water vapor resistance, and can be used for packaging purposes. IXPP have excellent impact resistance, both at room temperature and at low temperatures of -40°C. The unique feature of IXPP is the proper combination of several basic variables. It achieves a good balance in performance and has good chemical stability, which can resist most acids, alkalis, organic solutions and hot water.

Physical and chemical data

The melting point of IXPP is about 120℃, and the density is 33~200 kg/m3. It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength, and good environmental stress cracking resistance.

Name: Polypropylene foam / pp foam / ixpp foam / PPF
Product specifications: thickness x width x length 100mmX1000mmx2000mm

Main features

IXPP foam is odorless, non-toxic, silky to the touch, has excellent low temperature resistance (low use temperature can reach -40~-120℃), good chemical stability, and can withstand most acids and alkalis, insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, good toughness (also suitable for low temperature conditions), good stretchability; low water absorption, low water vapor permeability, good chemical stability, tensile strength, non-toxic and harmless.

Product application

Medical appliance parts, seals, cutting boards, sliding profiles. It is widely used in chemical, machinery, chemical, electric power, clothing, packaging, food and other industries.

What is MEISHUO?

Meishuo is a lightweight material supplier. We also supply XPE foam, IXPE foam, ESD foam and we provide additional services of lamination, self-adhesive, slitting, embossing and aluminum foil coated.

Meishuo's vision: Provide the world with lightweight and comfortable foam materials;
Meishuo's mission: Provide customers with trustworthy products and valuable services, and bring more development possibilities to partners;
Meishuo's values: Employees are always our greatest wealth; through technology and high-quality products, providing customers with the best quality service is our persistent pursuit.

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