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Polyolefin Foam – IXPE FOAM MSI15

Polyolefin Foam – IXPE FOAM MSI15

Short Description:

“I” refers to irradiated

“X” refers to cross linking

“PE” refers to polyethylene resin

So IXPE foam means irradiated cross linked polyethylene foam

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What is the difference between IXPE foam, XPE foam and IXPP foam?

Obviously, IXPE foam is different with XPE foam and IXPP foam. XPE foam is cross linked by agent. IXPP foam is also irradiated but the raw material is polypropylene resin. These are the differences of production progresses.
In addition, IXPE foam has a better performance on smoothness and elongation. The minimum thickness of IXPE foam reaches to 0.1 mm, while that of XPE foam is 3 mm.
Compared to XPE foam and IXPE foam, IXPP foam has better heat resistance and mechanical properties.

So why IXPE foam?

Various processes such as cutting, slitting, embossing and pressure forming can be easily realized. Meishuo offers foam material solutions with various densities, thicknesses and colors.

☆ Excellent properties
☆ heat insulation
☆ waterproof
☆ moisture proof
☆ eco friendly
☆ heat resistance
☆ flame retardant
☆ Soft surface
☆ Shock absorption
☆ flexible

IXPE foam is widely used in the following industries, which has strict requirements of the surface, thickness uniformity and flame retardancy.

Flooring accessories: floor underlayment, SPC WPC PVC underlay, soundproof underlayment, waterproof underlay
☆ Recommend type: MSI10, MSI15, MSI30, MSP30
Automotive interior: water proof door panel, lightweight air duct, car audio gasket, headrest
☆ Recommend type: MSI15, MSI20, MSI25, MSI 30
Packaging: gift box foam inserts, fruit foam tray, medical equipment protective insert, cap liner
☆ Recommend type: MSI10, MSI25, MSI30
Medical and care: ECG pad, dental disposable foam tray, wound dressing, prosthetic pads, orthopedic pads
☆ Recommend type: MSI10, MSI15, MSI30
Tape: electronic thin foam tape, sealing tape
☆ Recommend type: MSI10, MSI15
Construction: air conditioner pipe,
☆ Recommend type: MSI30

IXPE foam is also called Volara, Microcell, cross-linked polyethylene foam, XLPE foam, PE foam, LDPE foam.

What is MEISHUO?

Meishuo is a foam material supplier. We also supply XPE foam, IXPP foam, anti-static foam, conductive foam and we provide post progress services of lamination, self-adhesive, slitting, embossing and aluminum foil coated.

☆ Meishuo's vision: Provide the world with lightweight and comfortable foam materials;
☆ Meishuo's mission: Provide customers with trustworthy products and valuable services, and bring more development possibilities to partners;
☆ Meishuo's values: Employees are always our greatest wealth; through technology and high-quality products, providing customers with the best quality service is our persistent pursuit.

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