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Anti Static ESD FOAM MSAS25

Anti Static ESD FOAM MSAS25

Short Description:

ESD foam

●  10^3 Ω to 10^10 Ω – Anti-static foam

●  10^3 Ω to 10^5 Ω  - Conductive foam



●  Waterproof

●  Permanently anti-static


Anti-static foam is a typical type of ESD foam. It is designed to protect electrial components from electrostatic damage, especially for OLED screen and LCD sreens.

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Product introduction:


Conductive Foam

Anti-static Foam


Black, white or customized

Surface Resistance



Volume Resistance



Friction Voltage



Anti-static foam is manufactured by the foaming technology of polymer material composite raw materials, and the foaming diameter is symmetrical, soft, and quite malleable. The uniform distribution of the conductive foam can protect the pins of the device. In addition, it has corrosion resistance and is an ideal material for long-term storage devices. The production and processing of anti-static foam is to compound carbon and high-pressure polyethylene, undergo chemical cross-linking and foaming, to make conductive foam of polymer material.

Surface resistivity of anti-static foam: 10^6 Ω - 10^10 Ω.


The electrical conductivity of ESD FOAM is suitable for :

Electrostatic induction safety protection | Photoelectric material devices | Microelectronic technology devices | Integrated circuit chip electronic computers |

LCD monitors | LCD TVs | Laser copiers | High-speed printers | Communication equipment | Satellites Ideal packaging materials for communications | Medical devices, etc.

Anti-static foam can be used in key manufacturing industries that take electronic products as its meaning,

●  Mobile phones,
●  Cameras,
●  Central air conditioners,
●  Computers,
●  Wlectronic components,
●  Professional audio equipment, etc.

In addition, ESD FOAM also has a very good composite molding features,

●  Back foam double-sided tape,
●  Combined with wiping cloth, non-woven fabric, EVA and other products,
●  In-depth screen printing ink pattern design, production and processing.

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