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Closed cell cross linked polyethylene foam manufactured by Meishou is usually laminated with  reinforced aluminum foil on single or double side to meet with customers' thermal insulation requirements, and the "sandwich" structure is also popular that is composed of foam, aluminum foil and self-adhesive backing.
Features: 1. Eco-friendly and effective thermal insulation 2. Closed-cell structure foam 3. Chemical resistance (sodium, silica, fluoride, chloride,etc.) 4. Anti-bacterial & antifungal 5. Low VOC emission level (<4μg/m2/hr in 24 hours) 6. Excellent mechanical resistance 7. Sound absorption 8. Low water vapor permeance (0 perms) - Water tight due to the pre-applied Aluminum foil
Application: 1. Large-diameter pipes (sheets are used instead of tubes) 2. Ventilation ducts 3. Tanks and reservoirs 4. Vehicles 5. Mechanical equipments 6. House roof / metal building roof 7. Poultry shed
  • Closed cell and crosslinked pe foam for thermal insulation

    Closed cell and crosslinked pe foam for thermal insulation

    XPE or IXPE double sides laminated with aluminum foil, with advanced thermal performance reflecting up to 95% radiant heat, allowing for cooler internal conditions in hot and climates also it has great property of flame retardant, which pass Class 0 (BS476 6&7). Closed cell and crosslinked pe foam is excellent for buildings insulation, like sheds, workshops factories etc.

  • Reflective Insulation for roof and wall

    Reflective Insulation for roof and wall

    Meishuo Reflect Foam Insulation is a closed cell, cross-linked foam core between extra heavy duty reflective reinforced aluminium foil laminates. Foam core is a high quality foam product suitable for use in a roof, wall and floor applications.

    It reduces up to 97% of the sun’s radiant heat, minimizes the risk of condensation and acts as an effective water and vapor barrier when installed correctly.

    Foam core multipurpose incorporates a 15cm overlap along one side edge to maximize coverage, minimize wastage and allow for sealed edge protection to improve aesthetics in exposed applications.

    An anti-glare coating is applied to one side of the product to reduce the level of glare experienced during installation.

  • Roof insulation

    Roof insulation

    The insulation for metal roof supply a great option for rainfall noise after placing Meishuo foam liner, so people can escape from the disturbation from rain dropping on the metallic roof. Besides, as the crosslinked closed cell foam has excellent performance on vibration control, moisture resistance and heat insulation when it backed aluminum foil.

  • Air conditioner insulation pipe

    Air conditioner insulation pipe

    AC (air conditioner) insulation pipe is made of closed cell crosslinking IXPE foam with multilayers structures, the foam layer makes it no interface cracks with small water absorption and good insulation property, and it does not corrode steel tube and copper tube.

  • HVAC insulation

    HVAC insulation

    Meishuo foam product are ideal for and are widely applied in HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) insulation. Provided in rolls and sheets as customers’ needs, it has excellent insulation performance, so it reliably and durably protects HVAC system against condensation. Besides, with premium performance of thermal insulation, Meishuo foam gives the HVAC system a ideal solution to save energy.

  • Pipe insulation

    Pipe insulation

    Crosslinked polyethylene foam with reinforced foil facing for steel, plastic and copper pipe has premium performance in insulation because it offers lower installations costs when it is shaped in advance, and maximum energy savings when less energy loses. Meishuo foam can supply both chemically crosslinked and irradiated crosslinked polyolefin foam for tube insulation.