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Closed cell cross linked polyethylene foam manufactured by Meishou is usually laminated with  reinforced aluminum foil on single or double side to meet with customers' thermal insulation requirements, and the "sandwich" structure is also popular that is composed of foam, aluminum foil and self-adhesive backing.
Features: 1. Eco-friendly and effective thermal insulation 2. Closed-cell structure foam 3. Chemical resistance (sodium, silica, fluoride, chloride,etc.) 4. Anti-bacterial & antifungal 5. Low VOC emission level (<4μg/m2/hr in 24 hours) 6. Excellent mechanical resistance 7. Sound absorption 8. Low water vapor permeance (0 perms) - Water tight due to the pre-applied Aluminum foil
Application: 1. Large-diameter pipes (sheets are used instead of tubes) 2. Ventilation ducts 3. Tanks and reservoirs 4. Vehicles 5. Mechanical equipments 6. House roof / metal building roof 7. Poultry shed