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Closed cell and crosslinked pe foam for thermal insulation

Closed cell and crosslinked pe foam for thermal insulation

Short Description:

XPE or IXPE double sides laminated with aluminum foil, with advanced thermal performance reflecting up to 95% radiant heat, allowing for cooler internal conditions in hot and climates also it has great property of flame retardant, which pass Class 0 (BS476 6&7). Closed cell and crosslinked pe foam is excellent for buildings insulation, like sheds, workshops factories etc.

Product Detail

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Dimension 4mm * 1350mm*40mts (or customized)
Density 30~36kg/m3 (or customized)
Usage Roof / wall/ floor
Structure Aluminum foil + XPE foam + adhesive

Aluminum foil + XPE foam + aluminum foil

Aluminum foil + IXPE foam + adhesive

Aluminum foil + IXPE + aluminum foil

(or customized)

Color Black / gray/ pantone color
Service life More than 30 years


1.Moisture barrier water-proof, heat insulation energy saving

2. Light, soft, dust-free, flame retardant, easy cutting and installing

3. No odor, environmentally-friend

4. Low thermal conductivity and excellent heat insulation s& thermal insulation

5. Keep warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

Data sheet

Property Standard Unit Value
Density - Kg/m3 33
Tensile strength Transverse ISO- 1798 Mpa 0.25~0.27
Longitudinal 0.31~0.32
Elongation Transverse ISO- 1798 % 137.40~141.20
Longitudinal 159.70~166.00
Tearing strength Transverse ISO- 8067 Kn/m 1.28~1.33
Longitudinal 1.38~1.40
Compression 25% ISO- 3386-1 Kpa 36.40
Compression 40% ISO- 3386-1 Kpa 62.40
Compression 50% ISO- 3386-1 Kpa 95.20
Compression set 25% 0.5H ISO- 1856 % 19.10
Compression set 25% 24H ISO- 1856 % 4.10
Operating Temperature range Internal (-40, +80)
Water absorption % volume (max) Internal % 0.50
Thermal conductivity JIS A1412-2 w/mK 0.038
Shore-C Hardness ASTM D2240 22


Note: this TDS is for your reference only based on the date of a sample test, and it not stands for all batches’ property. So, there may differ in different production.

If you want to know more details, please contact us via e-mail: info@msfoam.com.

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