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Anti-Static Foam for display spacing lining

Anti-Static Foam for display spacing lining

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Huzhou Meishuo provides anti-static PE foam Electronic packaging foam material, including PE foam, which meets all the electronic packaging material requirement on surface resistivity, reach 10^3 to 10^11 Ω.

Perhaps, you are experiencing largely transferring or storage electronic components. But there will exist possibilities of static damage for the components during the transportation or storage. Now, Meishuo’s ESD IXPE foam can solve your problem, and play an important role in protecting your electronic products by reducing the ESD damage to your products.

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●  Thin and thick thickness for your option: 1mm-10mm, and easy to customize according to specific requirement
●  Regular color black or white
●  Permanent anti-static effect, better choice for electronics packaging purpose
●  Leight weight due to its closed cells structures
●  Excellent cushion to reduce impact force
●  Good electronics protection property in packing
●  Reusable foam

What's the purpose of electrostatic protection?

Because of the mechanical effect of electrostatic, the dust in air will be absorbed on the subject’s surface, which leads to an electrostatic field, or create a charged body. The static electricity has large potential, low electricity, small current, and the role of the short time characteristics. Beside, the static electricity induced damage to the products’ components.

So, electrostatic protection is really important for electronics products. After using the anti-static IXPE foam, it can improve your product quality, reduce and prevent potential ESD damage to electronic products, and it can avoid electronics product damage and improve product reliability.

What’s more, Meishuo ESD foam can be customized according to customers’ requirements. No matter the thickness ranges from 1mm to 10mm or others, shape of rolls, sheet or laminated layers (such as the plain material of foam insert, trays etc.). If you have any question, welcome to inquire us for more details via: info@msfoam.com

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